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The Most Powerful Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Ever!

TANAKA’s FMRII now has the capability of having a 20kW fiber laser oscillator and can cut thicker material than ever before! TANAKA’s original torch head and gas control technology creates excellent cut quality. An optimized cutting sequence and fiber laser performance provide high productivity.

Gantry Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

TI6000 TI12000 TI20000

Innovation For Cutting Performance
The new machine structure achieves faster nitrogen cutting and traverses at high speed by lowering the machine's center of gravity and decreasing the machines' overall weight.

This change provides superior cutting performance over its predecessor.

New & Distinct Operation Design

  • Excellent Operability

  • Improved Maintainability

  • High Speed Cutting and Performance​ 

  • Cutting Without Burning

  • Superior Cutting Edge Quality

  • Improved Cutting Stability for Rusty Surfaces


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