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Plasma and Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine

High-speed/quality cutting Plasma and TANAKA brand oxy-fuel cutting have been combined into one machine.

The newest and most powerful plasma, and TANAKA high-reliable oxy-fuel cutting being popular all over the world have been combined into one machine. This machine can realize short processing time and high efficiency process, thanks to lighter machine body, high speed driving system, the newest controller and High quality plasma cutting power source.


Equipped with NC "Robo Q -15"

It is an original NC machine specialized in gas cutting and plasma cutting applications, and features simple operability. It also supports USB input of NC data and wired / wireless LAN input.
* Can be equipped with FANUC NC equipment if requested (optional)

Equipped with various types of plasma cutting equipment

Optimum plasma cutting equipment is installed to meet the requirements of steel grade and cutting plate thickness.

・In-house Pegasus 500 Series Plasma Cutting Device
・HPR-XD series plasma cutting equipment manufactured by Hypertherm

Stable high-speed operation

Stable, high-speed operation with double-sided rack & pinion drive maximizes plasma cutting features.

Rapid speed: 24,000 mm / min

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