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Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine

High-Performance Plasma Cutting Machine Achieves Improved Productivity and Cutting Accuracy with New Operation Functions

By reviewing the operation of the machine from the beginning, we have significantly shortened the operation time.
In addition, the precision of the new height profiling control system enables high-precision plasma cutting. In addition, a new type of plasma cutting device
The Pegasus 500 III Neo has significantly improved the life of consumables.


New operating functions

By reconsidering the movements of each unit, we have reduced operating time and improved productivity.

Improved usability

The conventional dedicated operation screen has been improved and a 15 inch display with good visibility has been adopted.

Improved cutting accuracy

A new height profiling control system further improves bevel cutting accuracy.

Pegasus 500 III Neo, a New Type of Plasma Cutting Device

The life of consumables has been greatly improved by adopting the newly developed plasma torch.

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