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Gantry Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Oscillator  6 kW / 12 kW / 20kW

The Most Powerful Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Ever

TANAKA FMRII has now the capability of having a 20kW fiber laser oscillator and is cutting thicker material than ever. TANAKA's original torch head and gas control technology creates excellent cut quality. That combined with optimized cutting sequence and fiber laser performance provides high productivity. FMRII series is now the most powerful ever!

Excellent cutting surface quality

 Renewed TANAKA original cutting torch and TANAKA fiber laser technology improve cutting surface quality such as flatness, perpendicularity and cut surface roughness.

High productivity

 Redesigned machine body and new cutting torch achieve higher cutting feed rate than previous models. In addition, improved machine sequence and faster paid feed provide high productivity.

Easy operation

 A new operation screens provide user friendly interface. It is easy to see and the machine.

Safety first machine

 New machine design enhances fiber laser beam protections. A set of torch cover, machine cover and TANAKA's cutting tables specialized in fiber laser protects from laser beam exposure.

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