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Gantry CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Oscillator  2kW / 4kW / 6kW

TANAKA's laser technology with years of experience built the finest CO2 laser cutting machines, LMRV and LMZV series. It is about creating superior cutting quality for both straight and bevel cutting. The machine is versatile with improved beam quality, TANAKA's latest original cutting torch and spacious horizontal plate tagging to ensure the machine is customized for each customer's expectation.


Built on Years of CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Experience

Space saving up to 37% (vs. TANAKA existing model)

Succeeded in miniaturization of the machine body through unique design.

You can handle a big size material.

Seven types of effective cutting width from 2,700 to 5,600 mm are available, which provides no limitation to the effective cutting length and enables continuous unattended operation of more varieties of materials.

You can make use of unattended operation.

Reviewing the bevel position control realizes the bevel smooth movement without a loss time.

Advantage against Plasma

1. Better second work ability.
2. Decreasing of the foundation work before painting by reducing bottom fume.
3. Working environment conservation (Fume, Flash and Noise)
4. Reduce cutting cost and cutting table restoration cost by overwhelming low running cost.
5. It is possible for long-time no attendance operation because of no consumables to exchange.

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