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Gantry Bevel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Oscillator   12 kW


Advanced Bevel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

TANAKA's redesigned bevel laser cutting machine is leading the industry. It optimizes TANAKA's powerful fiber laser technology with cutting sequences, torch design, gas flow and cooling system. There are also safety cameras inside and behind the machine. The machine is now more advanced and is able to cut thicker and faster with excellent quality.

Improving cutting ability significantly

Cutting speed and the cutting applicable coverage of thickness much improve compared to CO2 6kW laser cutting machine by adapting 12kW fiber laser oscillator.
FMZII series can do mild steel bevel cutting up to 25mm thickness and bottom bevel cutting up to 45 degree which is impossible by plasma cutting machine.
It is possible to cut a small hole less than conventional technologies using TANAKA unique technology, High speed piercing II, and it's risen yields.

Low running cost & stable operation

Fiber laser series needs much less necessary consumables than CO2 laser series.
Due to no periodic maintenance of oscillator, the machine can reduce a downtime and keep high productivity by stable operation.

Reduce total work time

Reviewing the bevel position control realizes the bevel smooth movement without a loss time.

Advantage against Plasma

1. Better second work ability.
2. Decreasing of the foundation work before painting by reducing bottom fume.
3. Working environment conservation (Fume, Flash and Noise)
4. Reduce cutting cost and cutting table restoration cost by overwhelming low running cost.
5. It is possible for long-time no attendance operation because of no consumables to exchange.

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