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Gantry Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Innovation For Cutting Performance

The new machine structure achieves faster nitrogen cutting and traverses at high speed by lowering the machine's center of gravity and decreasing the machines' overall weight.

New & Distinct Operation Design

  • Excellent Operability   

  • Cockpit design with a slim operational panel

  • New operation screen & intuitive operation 

  • Improved maintainability                              

  • Cutting without burning                               

  • Superior cutting edge quality            

  • Improved Cutting Stability for Rusty Surfaces

TANAKA Signature Cutting

  • High Speed cutting and performance 

  • Offers faster cutting than CO2 laser machine

  • Performs great on rusty mild steel                 

FMRⅢ ストッカー28.jpg

Advantages of RS-CW Cutting *RS: Range-Spread

  • Superior cutting edge quality

  • Expanded maximum cutting thickness

  • Improved cutting stability on rusty surfaces

Rusty Mild steel

Speed specification

Processing feed speed (inch): 1 ~ 24,000mm/min (0.03 ~ 944.88ipm)

Hi-Rapid feed speed (inch): 60,000mm/min (2362.20ipm)

Rapid feed speed (inch): 45,000mm/min (1771.65ipm)

Manual rapid feed speed (inch): 24,000mm/min (944.88ipm)

Cutting head up/down speed (inch): 20,000/15,000mm/min (787.40/590.55ipm)

Home return speed (inch): 24,000mm/min (944.88ipm)

I Marking speed (inch): 24,000mm/min (944.88ipm)

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